Reading Linux ext2 Disks in Windows

Sometimes, you need to be able to read a Linux filesystem from Windows. Either you are dual-booting, or perhaps like me you are trying to get some data off some old hard disks that have been in a box for a couple years.

There’s a handy driver that will mount ext2 disks on Windows available from Install it, and when you have attached the drive, use the Control Panel “IFS Drives” item to select a drive letter for your volume.

Works great, and transparently in Windows.

Vista – virtual desktops

I’ve been looking for a decent virtual desktop solution for Vista. There’s a couple open source products that have lots of links, but I tried one, Vista Virtual Desktop Manager, and found it a little slow. It uses the new Vista screen thumbnails API and I just found it… unusable.

My favorite multi desktop solution on XP was multidesk, which was in beta forever and never updated and only available via; I was delighted to find that there is a new version, Multidesk Expert, that works on XP. Shareware, I’m definitely going to send this guy some money.

Multidesk is fast, easy to use, and stays out of the way. No fancy animations, just lots of room to work…


Completely changed my mind. After about a week, I started getting weird crashes in Multidesk Expert. And by that time, a new version of Vista Virtual Desktop Manager came out that had quicker animations and was more stable.  So hurrah for Vista Virtual, and so long, Multidesk.