Hello, 2010!

Well, 2009 was an eventful year for me, but not so much for the blog. I am hoping to change that in this brand new decade, with the idea that I can learn and improve faster if I am writing down and sharing what I am learning. In the last couple years the blog has mostly been a place for me to make note of a solution to a technical problem I had encountered–a backup brain of technical stuff  I found useful and was likely to forget. I’ll probably keep doing that, but also want to write some beefier articles and how-tos and especially post code I’ve written.

I definitely want to code more little projects. I’ve decided I’d rather just create some things and put them out into the world without too much worry about who they will impress or their ultimate usefulness. It’s better to ship software rather than just have big plans. Just like exercise–no one will raise an eyebrow at my glacial running pace but really, it’s for my benefit not everyone else’s. The same thinking applies to this blog as well.

For those of you who choose to read (hi mom!…. mom?) thanks for hanging with me and I hope to have something more substantial for you to read in this new year.


i got the flu… the happy flu

You’re not really blogging unless you’re involved in some random chain-letter variant. This one seems to be not too lame.


Edit – wow, I need some QA. Copy/pasting the code into the WP’s Visual Editor *so* did not work. Fixed.

10 years at filsa.net

$ whois filsa.net
Domain Name: FILSA.NET
Created on: 06-Dec-97

I registered the filsa.net domain exactly ten years ago today.

I chose filsa.net because it was short, and when people say my first and last name aloud, they tend to run it together into one word.

This domain has not been especially active over the years–there was certainly more activity in the first 3 years then there has been in the last seven.

Still, filsa.net is more of a symbol of all the work I’ve done since I started doing web work professionally. A milestone, of sorts.

So, ten years. I’ll toast myself, and wish for ten years more. Banzai!

getting started

well, look at this. a blog.

it’s certainly overdue. not that i haven’t been blogging elsewhere, but i’ve always been super reluctant to put myself online and into the conversation. partly because of personality–i’m more interested in listening than telling. partly because of image–there’s the image of the blowhard self-promoting blogger, who feels obligated to bless the world with his opinions.

i’ve been around blogging since, well, for as long as it has been around. (more on that later). i’ve even written some blogging software.

so why start blogging now?

well, i want to be a better writer. apparently doing something consistently, day in and day out, is the only way to improve.

additionally, i want to keep track of my ideas and development. there’s definitely been an evolution in my attitudes towards technology—what it can do, what it can’t do. let’s just say the endless optimism of the early to mid 90’s has worn just a little bit, and an appreciation that technology for it’s own sake isn’t all that interesting.

it will be value to have a written record to point to, both when i’m right and when i’m wrong. and i want that record to be public. turns out, it’s no fun to be right if no one knows it. no fun to be wrong–if there isn’t someone to correct you.

i think i can learn, about myself, and the world i work in, by blogging. being accountable for what i write will force me to be a better researcher, deeper thinker, and clearer communicator.

finally, i want to tell my story. i want to clear the air, set the record straight, explain the world.

you know. as i see it.