Game Exercises

I’ve always wanted to program games; I spent hours when I was a kid trying to figure out how the games I played on the Commodore 64 worked.

Anyway, why not start learning how to code games now? I figure I just need to break it down into small chunks. Let’s see how many I can work through.


  • scroll a background
  • scroll left and right
  • scroll tiles
  • move a character
  • animations


  • character motion (2d)
  • springs
  • gravity
  • swinging
  • momentum


  • play effects
  • play sound


  • scene graphs
  • load 3d models
  • moving a camera throughout a scene
  • loading textures
  • lighting

Support Structures

  • game save and load
  • game replay
  • options screen
  • options load and save
  • high scores

Multiplayer features

  • high scores
  • achievements
  • player accounts
  • player chat
  • save state on server