Hey there!

I am a software developer currently located in Tokyo, Japan. I have over ten years of experience building and maintaining internet applications. I know web development from front to back–from integrating HTML design and content, to generating traffic reports, to session security, and working with a data warehouse. Over the years, I’ve done work for Macy’s, The Home Depot, UNICEF, Washington Mutual Bank, and the Asia Society.

For a while there I was really involved in content management– I spoke at conferences, co-authored a book, and made my living as a content management consultant. Helping organizations that are fundamentally non-technical solve their content problems was challenging and rewarding. But working on my own didn’t appeal to me, and I still had the desire to code, so I hung up my consulting hat and went back to a developer role.

I’ve been lucky to have a wide variety of experience. One of the unifying themes is that I like making something that is useful — applying technology to the business problem at hand. I think I have gotten pretty decent at figuring out what needs to be done and delivering it.

Reflecting briefly on my experiences: the best jobs have always been collaborative. I like being part of a team. That’s fun for me. And while I’ve done my share of consulting work, I prefer the challenges of being responsible for a product, and being able to improve it continuously.

I’m a fan of open source (though I try not to be a jerk about it) and if asked “what kind of programmer are you?” I’ll typically say “Java”. The Java stack is pretty thick, so I’m a fan of using the bits that are lightweight and easy. These days, at least for me, that means Spring framework and Hibernate.

I try to be pragmatic. I am more concerned about delivering something that works and will get used, rather than delivering something clever and unmaintainable. If I can make the customer happy, and get to do something more cutting edge, well, that’s just a huge bonus.

In 2007 I took a sabbatical and took some time off to travel. The trip took me across Europe and eventually to settle in Japan, for the second time. I first moved to Japan over a decade ago and it is good to be back.

Thanks for reading.

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