Reading Linux ext2 Disks in Windows

Sometimes, you need to be able to read a Linux filesystem from Windows. Either you are dual-booting, or perhaps like me you are trying to get some data off some old hard disks that have been in a box for a couple years.

There’s a handy driver that will mount ext2 disks on Windows available from Install it, and when you have attached the drive, use the Control Panel “IFS Drives” item to select a drive letter for your volume.

Works great, and transparently in Windows.

gwt-maven-plugin updated to 1.2

The very handy Google Web Toolkit plugin for Maven has finally been updated in the respoitory to version 1.2.  At this point the docs on the website are still for v1.1 (actually 1.2-snapshot) from October.

But I can finally point at the official repo instead of using my own build in my projects.

It supports the new compiler options, and spits out those beautiful SOYC reports. The archetype doesn’t seem to have had any significant changes  that I can see (could be wrong), but it works just fine under gwt-2.0.0. I wish the default for gwtVersion was 2.0.0 though.

Thank you to the developers of the plugin–it makes working with the exciting new version 2.0 of GWT that much more easy.