Messing with Google Web Toolkit

Just a note. I’ve been working like crazy–and let me emphasize crazy–but I’m surviving okay. I think I will have to get my thoughts together on the topic of project management (some is better than none) and the ill effects of failing to plan and how to respond to the reality of too much work to complete before the pending deadline (hint–the answer isn’t to tell your team to work harder).

Let’s talk instead of happier things–this year’s peaches were especially delicious for some reason.

And in geek news, Google Web Toolkit is mighty interesting. I have finally got a few cycles at work to try to reskin one of our (mighty unsightly) admin apps, and I thought GWT would make a good fit. It does, and it is lots of fun.

Still, GWT on its own isn’t enough. While it’s relieved the pain for a backend developer who is not cross-browser Javascript savvy, it still is UI building. The sample apps aren’t practical for big applications (I’m not going to try to stuff the UI initialization for a 100+ page admin app into the onModuleLoad method).

So I am exploring some alternatives to managing the UI menu and objects. My current plan is to generate the menu from a YAML file. Easy to manage, easy to maintain. That’s the theory anyway.

Also a lot of buzz about using an EventBus to manage the UI wiring. Gonna try some of that tomorrow. Hopefully in a few days I’ll have this Struts1.2 app dressed up in some new clothes. More updates as I figure this stuff out.

Update: the website has a bunch of good GWT tutorials.