Thoughts on WordPress 2.7

There was a release of the new WordPress this weekend, and it looks and performs great. I’ve been working on upgrading the blogs that I manage, and I am really thrilled about the fact that I’ll never have to do it this way again–2.7 includes a self-upgrade tool.

2.7 has support for Child Themes.  Here are some notes to myself as I attempt to develop some themes for friends:

  • Sample Blog data comes in handy for testing. More here.
  • offers their blog themes for a fee, but they are GPL’d so there are unsupported links on each of their theme pages. (I was a pretty happy customer of their 1.0 theme.)
  • Themeshaper has the low-down on child themes, because he wrote the spec for child themes that eventually got folded into 2.7. His theme “Thematic” seems to be the cats pajamas for a good place to start for theme development. (Thematic turns out to be rich and complex and based on stuff in the Sandbox theme’s post and class semantic markup.)
  • Some helpful info about the specific changes to themes in 2.7: ericulous and bloggingtips.


Strange how I’ve come around on PHP, and WordPress. But they both manage to hit a sweet spot for the projects that I want to do in my spare time, on my cheap (but awesome) hosting service. More on that another time.